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  • How do I schedule a move-in or move out of the building?
    All move in/move outs must be done through the back entrance and using the freight elevator. To schedule their use please call the office number.
  • I have a large item being delivered.  How do I coordinate this?
    Contact the office and give them the details. Deliveries must be scheduled for regular business hours.
  • I am interested in renting a unit.  Can you help me with this?
    Each unit is individually owned. Typically the owner/landlord will put a listing on rental websites.
  • What does my HOA fee cover?
    The HOA fee covers the costs for the common area cleaning and repair. The boilers, chiller, pool and stack pipes are included the common area designation. Additionally the HOA fee covers the cost of electricity, water, sewer, and trash services to all the units in the building. All repairs and insurance on equipment/belongings inside of each unit is the sole responsibility of the owner of that unit.
  • A window in my unit needs repair or replacement.  Who is responsible for the cost?
    The window is considered a "Limited Common Element". All Limited Common Elements are the responsibility of the parties directly benefiting from those Elements. The repair must be completed by an HOA approved vendor. Call the office for the contact number of the approved vendors.
  • How much is the Move In Fee?
  • How do I get a covered parking spot?
    The covered parking spots can be rented for $35/month on a first come, first served basis. If there are not available covered parking spots to rent there is a waiting list you can join.
  • Where can I do my laundry?
    There are four washers and four dryers in the laundry room across from the elevators on the first floor. They are quarter operated and available for use by the residents.
  • How can I contact the board?
    Click here to send an email to the board.
  • How can I request documents?
    The following documents are available here on our website: Master Deed & Declaration By-Laws & Amendments House Rules Pool Rules Move In Guide Contractor Forms Owners can contact the board to receive any of the following documents: Monthly financial statements Monthly board meeting notes Annual meeting notes/minutes Owners can contact our accountant to receive any of the following documents: Condo sellers certificate (fees may apply) Individual account statements
  • How can I make a suggestion?
    CTC's virtual suggestion box is located here.
  • Can I move in or use the freight elevator outside of regular business hours?
    If staffing is available. This must be coordinated with the office in advance and there is a $50/hr fee to cover the cost of that service.
  • I would like to rent my unit out on AirBNB.  Can I do that?
    The By-Laws require a minimum 90 day lease for any residential unit in the building, with each move in requiring a lease agreement as well as an individual move in fee (Currently $250).
  • What does it mean to be a "considerate neighbor"?
    Although much of this should be common sense, here is a non-exhaustive list: 1. Keep the common areas clean of trash by putting it in the trash cans 2. Do not have loud parties or otherwise disturb your neighbors by making excessive noise 3. Construction work must be done during normal business hours. If expected to run over, please make arrangements with maintenance 4. Wear appropriate clothing whenever you are outside of your unit 5. Report any water leaks (yours or otherwise) to maintenance ASAP to limit possible damage 6. Coordinate any plumbing work with maintenance 7. Do not engage in any illegal activities in the building 8. Report any issues to maintenance
  • Can I install a washer and/or dryer in my unit?
    No. The plumbing/electric in the building was designed in the 1960s and it has been determined that the building does not have the capacity to support the added load of a washer/dryer in the units.
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